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  • What’s included in my rental?
    Your rental will include a bike, standard helmet, and gloves. You can add locks and tool kits for an additional $5 each and you can upgrade to a full face helmet for $15. The Downhill Demo bikes include a full face helmet rental and body armor.
  • What if I damage a bike during my rental that needs to be repaired?
    We offer two levels of damage insurance during registration. The $10/day damage waiver covers $500 of damage and the $20/day damage waiver covers up to $1000 in damage.
  • If I bring my clipless pedals from home, can you put them on a rental bike for me?
    Absolutely! Don’t forget your shoes!
  • All of my mountain biking clothes were lost by the airline with the rest of my clothing, do you sell any bike apparel or accessories at your shop?
    Yes! We carry a large line of Club Ride jerseys and shorts, along with helmets, gloves, body armor, and misc. bike parts.
  • I want to get the whole family out riding, are there trails easy enough for my children to ride?
    Absolutely! Telluride has a wide variety of mountain biking options; from the World Cup Downhill trail in the bike park to the Valley Floor and Galloping Goose trails that are mostly flat with minimal obstacles. Please visit for a list of the best trails (and their ratings) in the area for mountain biking.
  • We want to make a trip out to Moab to go mountain biking for a day while we are in Telluride, are we able to rent bikes from you and bring them to Moab with us?
    Of course! For bikes headed to the Moab trails the only thing we will require is the $20 damage waiver for each renter, in case of bike damage. You are also able to rent a Yakima trailer hitch bike rack to haul the bikes to Moab for $30/day extra.
  • I recently purchased a new mountain bike that I want to bring to Telluride, am I able to ship it to Mountain Adventure Equipment to be built and ready to ride when I get to town?
    Definitely! We have a professional service shop at our rental location where we can assemble your bike, and still be able to ship it back to you at the end of your vacation.
  • What services do you offer at your professional bike service shop?
    Anything you need done to your bike, we’ve got you covered. From builds and basic tunes to complex tunes and major repairs. Stop in today and see what we can do for you and your ride!

Didn't get your question answered?  Call us at 970-614-1000 

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